Note: The Rental Agreement & Soft Play Area Rules can be downloaded and signed ahead of booking, here.

It is the responsibility of the customer or organization hiring Jazzy Soft Play Rentals to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to avoid injury to users, or damage to the soft play equipment. Please ensure the following safety rules are followed: 

1) No food, drink or chewing gum on or around the soft play area. This will avoid any accidental risks and keep the equipment clean. (Please note if the equipment is retuned in a dirty condition, then the customer will also incur a cleaning charge of $100.) 

2) All shoes, jewelry, loose objects in pockets, and badges MUST be removed before entering the soft play area to avoid injury to users using the equipment, and prevent damage to the equipment 

3) NO face paints, party poppers, colored streamers or SILLY STRING to be used either on or near the soft play area. (Please note these products will cause damage to the equipment that cannot be repaired, and customer will pay for all replacement cost of the equipment

4) Jazzy Soft Play Rentals is not responsible for striking or damaging any underground utility lines / devices (including, but not limited to electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, etc.). It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Jazzy Soft Play Rentals where equipment is to be set up and have any underground utility lines marked prior to the soft play set up. 

5) Climbing, hanging or sitting on safety gates is dangerous and IS NOT allowed. 

6) A responsible Adult (18 years +) must be present to supervise the soft play equipment, at all times. 

7) Ensure users are not pushing, colliding, fighting or behaving in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others; or damage to the soft play equipment. 

8) No pets allowed in the soft play area at any time.

9)NO toys or sharp instruments of any kind are allowed (other than soft balls or toys provided by Jazzy SoftPlay) in the soft play area at any time. 

10) Please ensure that children are not attempting somersaults in the equipment area.  This is dangerous activity and is SHOULD BE discouraged.